Mclean Lumber offers a number of specialty wood products for exterior and interior needs. 


Ready Pine™ is a fast and convenient way to install your tongue and groove pine for ceilings and walls.
Ready Pine™ is 5/8" thick and all lengths are 16’ long.
Ready Pine Advantages:
- It’s fast and easy. You’re done when the installation is done
- Saves you money. Installing Ready Pine™is cheaper than hiring a painter.
- No more drips and runs.
- No more scaffolding and odor.

- Superior factory applied finish.
- Faster project completion time.
- Sealed on all sides to prevent cupping and warping.
*Ready Pine is available in Clear Natural and 5 colors: Early American, Golden Pecan
Ipswich, Puritan Pine & Pickled Pine

Ready Pine is available at the following dealers:

Golden Spike Lumber

Home Hardware Stores

Nelson Lumber

Mountain View Building Materials

Windsor Plywood


TRU-DRY selects quality timber fiber from some of the best mills in British Columbia and is all FOHC (Free of Heart Center) with results that have a CLEAR ADVANTAGE to conventional KD (Kiln Dried) Doug Fir timbers. TRU-DRY is produced using advanced, next generation technology:

- Dries wood uniformly all the way to the center of the timber
- Creates the most consistent dry timbers on the market
- Creates the most stable solid-sawn timber on the market
- Assures the position of industry leader in quality and appearance


Expand your outdoor living space with TREX® RainEscape® Deck Drainage System
Trex RainEscape is the deck drainage system that will not only enhance the look and value of your home, it will also increase your usable outdoor living space. The moisture-free area underneath your deck will allow you to install the ceiling/soffit of your choice. You’ll be able to accessorize your new living space in a variety of ways including: recessed lighting and ceiling fans; entertainment systems with stereo speakers and TV screens; furniture; outdoor kitchens; and below deck storage.

» Expands your outdoor living space
» Protects the space below your deck from rain, sun and other elements
» Protects your floor joists from moisture

Available at

The Deck Store